Monday, May 14, 2007

Busy, Busy Monday (Carnival Time!)

First up, the Carnival of Personal Finance. Madame X (of My Open Wallet) presents the 100th edition of this venerable blog compendium. Keeping with this theme, she hosts 100 entries, in 9 distinct categories, and all with great context.
WenchyPoo has an interesting, counterintuitive take on the relationship between fuel efficiency and taxes. Very interesting.
Daniel Goldberg, a second-year PhD student in medical humanities, is out of the gate a day early with his edition of Grand Rounds. Nothing wrong with that, of course; just took me a bit by surprise. In the event, he's got 30 interesting posts; a good mix with helpful comments.
This one caught my eye, at first for the title, but mostly for its "who knew?" factor (although the blog's name itself should be a clue). Go ahead, click it; you know you want to.
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