Thursday, March 15, 2007

Swiss Miss, Part II

Voters in Switzerland have rejected plans for a single means-tested health insurance system, aimed at reducing the high cost of premiums.

Final results showed 71% of voters in a referendum on Sunday opposed the reform.

The voters have spoken.

Under Swiss law, everyone must have a health insurance policy; there are 87 different companies to choose from, each offering a variety of policies.

Mandated health insurance. What a novel idea. Wonder why we don't have that here?

The proposal for a single health insurance scheme came originally from a family rights organisation, and had the backing of the centre-left Social Democrats, Swiss trades unions, and some doctors' associations.

It called for a merger of the existing 87 health insurance companies, and would replace their policies with one premium, calculated on a wealth and income basis.

Single payor proposals backed by Social Democrats & unions. Boy is that a surprise.
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