Thursday, February 08, 2007

Peach(Care) Pits

Georgia will stop enrolling new children in its health insurance program for low-income families because federal funds are running out, officials said Thursday.

Whoa! Federal money? Are these the same folks who want to EXPAND the SCHIP programs and provide Medicare for all?

Georgia faces a $131 million shortfall in federal money for PeachCare, and state officials have said it could run out of money as soon as next month, although key state lawmakers have said they will try to kick in state cash if necessary.

$131M shortfall. What is Washington doing with our (taxpayers) money? Aren't children a KEY target?

Georgia is one of at least 14 states facing a federal shortfall for its state Childrens Health Insurance Program. Iowa's Hawk-I plan, which insures more than 30,000 children, expects to exhaust its budget by the end of June.

14 states in the red.

Are you listening Hillary? Obama? Edwards? Romney?
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