Monday, February 19, 2007

Carnival Monday...

Sanjay Kumar, host of Simplify This, hosts a terrific Carnival of the Capitalists. In keeping with carnival founder's Jay's push toward greater relevancy, Sanjay culled about half the submissions, leaving, hopefully, "the best of the best." Even so, that's still over 20 terrific posts (including our own Bob Vineyard's submission on the perils of "going bare").
Two posts stood out: Joe Kristan, of Roth & Co, points out that not all public policy problems are necessarily tax problems. And David Maister discusses a true-life ethical dilemna, representing some major bucks and future business, and shows that "honesty (literally) pays."
The Carnival of Personal Finance is also up at Stock Market Beat . There are over 40 posts, in 9 interesting categories, with plenty of context, and a beautiful illustration.
Surfer Sam has a terrific post on Living Trusts, which are great places for life insurance plans to reside.
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