Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Revolution

AOL founder Steve Case has rolled out Revolution Health. I am just now flipping through and my initial impression is positive. Among other cool things you can do or learn . . .

Look up information on medical conditions from Acne to Women's Health. You can check symptoms against a Mayo Clinic database. Review treatment alternatives and effectiveness ratings.

Learn about healthy living including weight loss, family relationships, parenting, pregnancy and more.

Look up information on doctors or hospitals in your area including ratings.

Use the toolkit and calculate your BMI. Need to lose weight? Find out how much activity you have to do to lose one pound. Leisurely riding of a bicycle will take a 180# person 648 minutes to lose 1 pound. Or you could opt for 1767 minutes of foreplay to lose 1 pound.

Your choice.

Want to find your risk of a stroke or heart attack? They have a calculator for that.

The site is interesting if nothing else. User friendly. I found some pages a bit slow to load on DSL but that will not keep me from coming back and taking more tours.
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