Monday, January 15, 2007

Occ, Med Exclusions

The news item says:

Some Californians are refused individual health insurance policies even if they are in good health and can afford coverage because of their jobs and the use of certain medications, according to a report in Monday's Los Angeles Times that cited consumer advocates who said the policies -- while legal -- are too restrictive.

And the issue is????

It is quite common for carriers to refuse to cover those in high risk occupations, even if they are covered by workers comp. Some of the occs include:

Armed Forces Personnel
Asbestos Workers
Munitions & Explosives Workers
Professional Athletes

And how about those meds?

AZT - AIDS & HIV patients
Clozapine - used for treating schizophrenic patients
Humira - cancer patients currently undergoing chemotherapy
Thalidomide - treats multiple myeloma & can cause serious birth defects

There are also some avocations that can get you excluded.

Deep see diving below 30M
Motocross racing
Aerobatic aviation

And, there are other factors that can cause your coverage to be denied

Felony conviction
History of illegal drug use, including anabolic steroids
DUI or reckless driving citations

Why would anyone have a problem with any of these?
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