Monday, January 15, 2007

Medicaid Declines

For several years, there has been a steady increase in the number of children enrolling in Virginia's health insurance program for the poor. Beginning July 1, state officials say, an unprecedented slide began.

Over the following five months, about 12,000 children dropped off the state's Medicaid rolls.

The drop-off, Jones points out, began once a new federal law took effect. The law states that U.S. citizens applying for Medicaid or renewing their participation must present proof of their citizenship and identity.

And this is a problem?

But some officials say that's not who is losing coverage.


Then who is losing coverage?

In GA almost 30% dropped off the rolls last year after the state started requiring proof that your income was below the poverty guideline levels. It seems that some folks were simply CLAIMING they were poor, but when their SS# were cross-referenced against tax rolls they suddenly had more income than was previously reported under the "honor" system.

The states experiencing declines are adamant that U.S. citizens and certain legal immigrants are dropping off the Medicaid rolls, not illegal immigrants.

“There is no evidence that the decline is due to undocumented aliens leaving the program,” said Anita Smith of the Iowa Department of Human Services. “Rather, we believe that these new requirements are keeping otherwise eligible citizens from receiving Medicaid because they cannot provide the documents required to prove their citizenship or identity.”

No evidence to SUPPORT their belief that legal immigrants are dropping off, but rather these officials THINK there are folks who SHOULD be getting services. There is no proof of visitors from other planets but some folks believe this happens.

That must make it so . . .

Medicaid is a health insurance program serving about 55 million people that is financed by the federal government and the states.

No, Medicaid is financed by the TAXPAYER, not the government.

Who writes this stuff?
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