Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Mass Miscalculation

Under the law, all state residents must obtain health insurance by July 1 or face tax penalties.

The panel, a subcommittee of the Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector board, on Friday outlined the proposed minimum coverage requirements, and the full board will vote on the requirements Monday

This could be interesting.

According to a summary of initial bids by insurance companies, monthly premiums would average an estimated $380, compared with the $200 per month that former Gov. Mitt Romney (R) projected when he first proposed universal coverage.

The panel had expected monthly premiums averaging about $260 based on actuarial information the board reviewed last year.

And now the other shoe drops.

According to Connector board staff, "most of the insurers' bids, the details of which have not been made public, came in much higher," the Globe reports.

Much higher.

How much higher?

Actual plan premiums will not be set for months, according to the Globe

Stay tuned . . .
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