Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Younger and Younger…

When we talk about Long Term Care insurance (LTCi), we most often think about “seasoned citizens:” retired folks who’ve put in their time, parents and grandparents, Bob Dole and Andy Rooney. And certainly that’s the most obvious demographic when considering the type of condition that would necessitate a nursing home (or home home) stay.
Remember Superman?
Well, Christopher Reeves, really; a young man, in his prime, thrown by a horse and confined to a wheelchair. He was the “poster child” for a number of causes, but it seems to me that the most appropriate of these might have been LTCi.
And your point, Professor?
Well, in reviewing their claims data from 1989 through this year, UnumProvident (one of the bigger LTCi carriers) found that almost 60% of their long term claims were from folks under age 65. And some of the causes surprised me (although they really shouldn’t have): obesity and diabetes (related, to be sure, but not the same), cancer and strokes, of course, car accidents and even dementia. In fact, the average age of these “preemies” is 53, hardly an old fogey. One in seven is 45. Who knew?
Something else to consider when you’re working on your financial plans.
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