Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Other Than The Stroke . . .

People still amaze me. Perhaps I have spent way too much time in this business and just take things for granted. There are some things in life that you just ASSUME are common knowledge.

Things like, don't drink and drive. Sure some people do it, but they will admit (at least in their sober moments) that is something they should not do. At least they KNOW drinking & driving do not mix.

Or, just because you have checks in the checkbook does not mean you have enough money to cash them. Yes, some people still try to play the float game, and others just never bother to reconcile their checkbook and have no idea how much money they have. When the check bounces it is a total surprise, but at least they knew the bank would not honor the check if there was not enough cash in the account.

For some reason, these common knowledge things go out the window when it comes to health insurance. Otherwise, why would I have the following come up from time to time?

A woman calls looking for health insurance with an immediate maternity benefit.

How immediate? Most policies have a 9 - 12 month wait but I do have one policy with no waiting period.

That's the one she wants. The one with no waiting period.

Fine. You can get this as long as you are not pregnant now. If we apply now you can have coverage in place by the first of next month.

Oh, well. That won't work.

Why not?

I am due next month.


Today I had a man call who was looking for health insurance. He is on COBRA but can't afford the $500/month premiums and is looking for something less expensive.

What kind of plan I ask?

Probably something temporary, until I can find a new job. Or maybe on of those HSA's.

Great. Are you taking any meds?

No, I am in good health. No meds. Other than the stroke I had 2 years ago I am in great shape.

I have some bad news for you. Keep the COBRA, it is your only option.
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