Friday, November 10, 2006

More from Across the Pond…

As we’ve noted before, the British National Health System (NHS), while touted as far superior to our own flawed efforts, continues to prove its proponents wrong. For example, Britain's Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecology is now urging doc’s to do away with sickly infants, which “can disable healthy families.
As it stands now, such activities are illegal in the ‘Isle, but the College is pushing for that to change. Kinda makes sense, from their standpoint: “sickly” infants are a real drag on finances, both the family’s and those of the NHS. Much better to nip those costs in the bud, so to speak, than to place an even greater financial and emotional burden on those affected.
Excepting, of course, the newborns themselves.
But they don’t vote.
In related news, a simple case of gallstones has left an Ipswich woman in severe pain for several months. Turns out, the treating hospital faces substantial penalties for providing needed care “too quickly.” Her doc has suggested that she maintain a steady diet of saltines and water to help manage the pain, which diet could last for several more months. She’s already lost over 40 pounds, and is concerned that she’ll have trouble conceiving a child.
On the other hand, that may be good news, since it might be “sickly” and thus be euthanized.
Great system, folks; where do I sign up?
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