Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Life Insurance, for FREE?!

Stupid Carrier Tricks ™ are a virtual staple here at IB, so when a carrier actually does something right, it’s only fair to recognize that, as well:
Apparently, MM introduced LifeBridge about 4 years ago, in an effort to help “the working poor” with life insurance protection. Eligible families can opt to insure either Mom or Dad (but not both), with $50,000 of term life insurance, at no cost.
I like the fact that, to qualify, both parents must be permanent, legal residents of the US. They must also be working, and bringing home between $10k to $40k a year.
Another unique aspect of the plan is that it doesn’t pay a benefit to the kids (or surviving spouse); rather it’s a scholarship (of sorts) that’s paid directly to the childrens’ school.
Oh, and it’s not just Florida, either:
Kudos to MassMutual!
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