Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Identity Theft

Why would a blog on insurance post on identity theft?

Good question. Read on.

When I logged in to create this post, I noticed my twin brother from a different mother had beat me to the punch on identity theft. His post certainly brings up a lot of valid points, and you do have to wonder why a carrier would require an FEIN or SS# just to obtain a quote, but this is even more sinister.

I picked up a copy of Readers Digest at the grocery store. Always a fun, and informative magazine, but I have not read it in a while. The cover story on medical identity theft caught my eye.

I believe it will yours as well:

medical identity theft is the last straw; after crooks steal their wallet and max out the credit cards, they turn to the health insurance card for even more freebies. "An insurance card is like a Visa card with a $1 million spending limit," says Byron Hollis, national anti-fraud director of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.
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