Monday, November 06, 2006

HSA/MSA in the News...

Well, how 'bout that? Two seemingly disaparate demographics are about to be introduced to Consumer Driven Health Care:
Seasoned citizens will have an MSA (Medical Savings Account) option, courtesy of WellPoint. Rolling out in a week or so (November 15), these high deductible Medicare Advantage plans will be coupled with an MSA* administered by ACS/Mellon Bank.
At the same time, officials in the Empire State will introduce a HDHP (High Deductible Health Plan) for the "working uninsured," sole proprietors and small businesses.
Available in January (2007), Healthy NY's HDHP touts a lower premium, which makes sense since deductibles start at $1,150 for singles and $2,300 for families. Apparently, they're also exploring the idea of offering other (higher) deductible choices, as well.
This is definitely a trend we'll be watching.
*Yeah, I'm a bit confused, as well: MSA's morphed into HSA's some time ago, so it's not clear why these plans still use the old terminology. We'll keep you posted.
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