Thursday, November 23, 2006

How to Insure a Great Thanksgiving

According to the South Carolina Insurance Department, there are over 4,000 fires every year on Thanksgiving. They cause 15 deaths and dozens of injuries, not to mention over $25 million in property damage. And that's not just the folks who fry their birds.

Speaking of fryers (the cooking technique, not the variety), the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that over a seven year period (ending last year), there were over 100 "incidents" related to turkey frying, mostly by folks who lit up their birds (metaphorically, we hope) and then just wandered away for a bit.

Never having been bitten by the frying bug, I think our family's (relatively) safe. One tip: if you've never brined your bird, this year's a great time to start. There's no better way to insure a moist and tender tom.

And speaking of turkeys, our friends in Massachusettes may well cry "fowl!" According to a Bay State bond filing, it appears that the state's new MassHealth plan will end up costing its taxpayers twice what had been anticipated. Talk about 3rd degree burns!

Have a great, and safe, Thanksgiving.

BONUS: A blast from the past. Enjoy!
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