Friday, October 06, 2006

Stupid Carrier Tricks; Part 3

UPDATE: Since posting this I have heard from Golden Rule and they confess they gave me incorrect information. A client with an individual health insurance policy, under some circumstances, WILL be allowed to apply for a re-write of their policy. This will usually occur when the client is willing to take on MORE risk by migrating from a low deductible plan to a higher deductible.

Thanks for clearing that up!

We have blogged on this before. Today I discovered that United Health Care (which operates as Golden Rule in some states) has taken a page from the cell phone companies in customer relations.

In talking with my company rep (4th one since Feburary) I mentioned that I really like one of their no copay plans. I said I offer it as an HSA on training wheels for those who are trying to detox from their low deductible, copay plan but are not yet ready to take the leap to the much higher deductible HSA qualified plan.

By moving them to a no copay, $2500 then 100% plan it prepares them for taking the next step maybe a year or so down the road to the $5000 deductible HSA plans.

The rep just happened to mention that UHC/GR will not ALLOW them to change plans.

Excuse me?

You won't allow your client to move to a different plan, albeit a higher deductible?

That is right.

So you would rather I MOVE the client to another carrier vs. staying with UHC/GR?

No, we are not saying that at all.

Yes, you are . . .
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