Monday, October 09, 2006

Money Monday: Carnival Time!

The Business Pundit hosts this week's special 3rd Anniversary Edition of the Carnival of the Capitalists. Boasting over 40 posts, categorized, summarized and organized, Rob's done a terrific job!
I've battled the late vs punctual demon all my life, and have (gradually) gotten better about being on time. Barry Welford, blogging at BPWrap, posits that being late is not just inconsiderate, but bad for business.
The Carnival of Personal Finance is hosted at its home page, and presented by its founder, Flexo. With over 50 interesting posts, each with a summary, it's a potpourri of possibilities.
Joe at Roth & Co tells us about an interesting, if a bit offbeat, IRS auction. Who knew an accountant's post could be (almost) NSFW?
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