Sunday, October 15, 2006

Millions Still Uninsured

We live in the wealthiest nation in the world, yet those who are least able to take care of themselves go without health insurance. Many are forced to live on the streets, but most live in homes with wage earners. A good number of the homes have incomes in excess of $50,000 yet they lack health insurance.

When illness strikes, the provider must be paid out of pocket without assistance from a health insurance policy. In some cases, the anticipated medical bills are just too much for the family and the only alternative is euthanasia.


Veterinary care has gotten expensive, but people’s expectations have also gotten higher. Like anything, it (pet insurance) will become more commonplace, especially with rising costs.”

Just for general care during a year, pet owners can expect to spend nearly $300, said Suzanne S. Weaver, director of the Matthew J. Ryan Veterinary Hospital at the University of Pennsylva-nia in Philadelphia. Add in extra costs associated with illnesses, accidents or other unforeseen dilemmas, and the costs rise.

“If you get it (pet insurance) at the right time, we do think it generally is a good thing,” she said. “Often people are not even aware of it until they come to a place like this. It needs to be advertised more.”
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