Saturday, October 21, 2006

Good News??


In a recent ABC News article titled "Prescription for a Change", the headline would have you believe the American public is fed up and ready for something new. The polls reveal something different entirely.

According to a joint poll conducted by ABC News, USA Today and the Kaiser Family Foundation, we see the following results:

89% are SATISFIED with the quality of care they receive

83% are SATISFIED with the ability to get emergency care

79% are SATISFIED with the ability to see top quality specialists

78% are SATISFIED with the ability to get the latest treatments

And 57% are SATISFIED with the cost of health care.

So where is the prescription (or mandate) for a change? When you lower the cost of health care, which should satisfy more people, how much of an impact will that have in other areas where the satisfaction range is 78% or higher?
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