Monday, September 25, 2006

We Get Results...

Much like Bob’s hard-hitting analysis got Wellpoint to “roll” on its policy rescission, um, policy, my own relentless push for transparency, including in-depth interviews with folks In The Know, has yielded similar results:
Much like Aetna’s pilot program, Anthem has chosen a relatively modest roll-out, with the estimated costs of a few procedures available on-line. As the program develops, I would anticipate that more types of information will become available, along with more detailed financial information.
It strikes me as significant that the Gem City is home to the “national” roll-out of “CompareCare.” Last year, Aetna introduced its pilot program down the road, in Cincinnati. Is there something in the air or water that make the Cin-Day corridor so attractive to carriers looking to break the mold? More likely, it’s the confluence of industry, agriculture and technology that offers a unique incubator for such endeavors.
I think it's wise that Anthem is starting small, with only a few procedures and limited cost information. Having spoken with the folks at corporate cousin Minnesota BX, I know that it takes a lot of effort to put these plans together.
It would be to Anthem’s benefit to expand this effort as quickly as possible. As we’ve noted often here at IB, transparency is coming sooner, rather than later. As more carriers introduce their own implementations, the pressure will be on to offer more information, with more detail, more quickly.

We applaud Anthem for seeing the light, and look forward to a more integrated and comprehensive program.
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