Thursday, September 28, 2006

Transparency Uber Alles...

Well, well, well...Here at IB, we've been blogging on healthcare transparency for almost two years. And, as noted, we get results. So far, that's two BX's, an Aetna and a QwikHealth. And now, we have United Healthcare, from whom I've just received this email:
"We are proud to announce an exciting new consumer resource: the UnitedHealth PremiumSM hospital comparison program. Beginning February 2007, all UnitedHealthcare members will have access to the UnitedHealth Premium hospital comparison directory on®.
The UnitedHealth Premium hospital comparison program will provide consumers valuable comparison information so they are better able to make informed decisions about where to seek care. More specifically, the directory will offer condition/procedure level quality, and cost information, on approximately 80 inpatient and outpatient procedures in more than 140 markets."
Looks like someone took our challenge seriously because, unlike Anthem's anemic effort, this one looks to rival Minnesota Blues' efforts.
Of course, it's still vaporware, but we'll keep our eye on it, and offer an analysis when we're able.
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