Monday, September 18, 2006

Money Monday!

This week's Carnival of Personal Finance is hosted by Flexo at Free Money Finance. He's done a terrific job, organizing almost 50 posts, and included helpful context and comments.
In a rare two-fer, my favorite item also happened to be one of his. We've blogged about outsourcing medical care overseas, and Flexo offers this post about traveling overseas for surgery.
WordNet defines "dork" as "a dull stupid fatuous person," and blogger okDORK certainly lives up to his (her? its?) billing. In a deliberately terse (and sometime obscene) post, okDORK "presents" what may well be the worst Carnival of the Capitalists yet. Instead of actually reading each post, perhaps organizing them, or even including some brief commentary, okDORK takes the easy way out, highlighting a handful of posts he actually deigned to read, and then simply posting links to the rest.
What's so disappointing about this is that okDORK seems proud of his poor work. With less than 30 posts to deal with, one would presume that this did not present an insurmountable challenge.
In any case, I liked this item from Vihar Sheth at Green Rising. Using Chipotle food services as a model, Vihar discusses business growth based on "conscience." Nicely done.
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