Friday, September 15, 2006

Free Care = Bankruptcy

The board of Doctors Medical Center San Pablo/Pinole voted unanimously Wednesday to take the hospital into bankruptcy as a last resort to keep it open.


The hospital lost $1.5 million in July.


"There's no way we can meet payroll if we keep the ER open."

Ah! The money hole.


Later in the meeting, she declined Wallace's request to reconsider, after Hansen told her he could not guarantee the hospital would stay open if the emergency room closes. Managers long have identified the emergency room as a financial drain, because about 30 percent of the 47,000 patients it sees annually have no insurance

If even half those treated had cat cover perhaps the hospital would not be in this mess. Yet time and again we find those who would rather go naked than buy a plan that does not have low copays & deductibles.

Here are the demographics for San Pablo.

Cost of cat cover in zip 94806?

A 35 year old male will pay Health Net $75 per month for a plan that pays 100% of charges after a $4k deductible. That's about $2.50 per day.
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