Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Carnival Monday on Tuesday...

Note: Because we chose to honor the victims of 9-11 yesterday, I'm posting this week's financial carnival notices today. Thanks for your understanding.
This week's Carnival of Personal Finance, hosted by No Credit Needed, includes 40 posts. They're all neatly categorized, but - alas! - no helpful 'blurbs.
We've talked about Section 125 plans here at IB; this post, by Daniel at My Money Path, has a consumer-friendly explanation, as well.
BONUS: Although it's not in the Carnival, Joe's post at Roth & Co, on a humorous lesson in time (mis)management, is a must-see.
And the Carnival of the Capitalists is up, as well. Joshua Sharf, blogging at A View From A Height, presents over 50 posts, each with some helpful comments.
I found this post on college tuition to be quite interesting. Boring Made Dull explains what drives the increasing cost of a higher education.
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