Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The $2.5M Bite

In the summer of 2004, Jerry Ansley suffered a $2.5 million mosquito bite.
What started as a simple bite led to acute viral encephalitis and a bizarre onset of hemophilia that had doctors pumping Ansley full of a drug that cost up to $21,500 a dose.

The treatments saved his life. But he remains disabled and dependent on his wife, Kathie, for care. Now the Ansleys are being sued by the state-supported UNC Health Care system because they cannot pay their medical bills. They fear they will lose their home.

The Ansleys' story highlights both what is possible with modern medicine and the worsening problem of how to pay for it.

Note: I have written the reporter and am hoping to have more details to report . . . such as the name of the carrier . . .

After posting this article the reporter responded to my request and indicated the carrier was MidWest National of Tennessee. This carrier does not offer true major medical coverage, but limited benefit, hospital indemnity type plans with caps on reimbursement and little to no Rx benefit.
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