Saturday, August 19, 2006

Taxes . . .

Nearly 850,000 Hoosiers are uninsured, and Indiana administrators are trying to find a solution.

One visited Terre Haute today looking for a remedy to the state`s health insurance crisis.

Jeanne Labrecque, a representative from the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, came to Ivy Tech for a town hall meeting.

The administration is looking to find a solution to the complicated and growing problem of health insurance.

One way they might do that is by raising cigarette taxes.

Tax smokers to pay for health insurance for those who are without. Does one have to PROVE they are unable to buy health insurance before they will qualify (assuming this passes)? Will just anyone be able to drop coverage and pick up the free coverage courtesy of the smokers in the state?

Novel idea.

So where does it go from here?

Taxing expensive foreign cars so poor people can have a nicer car too.

How about 4 star restaurants so the fast food crowd can have a nice meal too?

Tax the birth control products so old guys can have free Viagra.

Can't wait.
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