Tuesday, August 15, 2006

SB 840, Health Care for All

Sounds great doesn't it? Unrestricted health care for all.

There is a movement going on in several state, most notably the states that lean to the left, to provider some form of universal health care. One of the plans at the forefront is California's SB 840.

Here are some excerpts . . .

Not just junk insurance, but full care for all.

Health Security with full benefits for LIFE

Now who wouldn't want that? FULL care (no out of pocket), for ALL residents (including illegals), for life (from cradle to grave).

Free choice of any primary care doctor

Wow! Any doc. No networks. Docs are allowed to charge whatever they want and 840 will pay for it.

Who says there is no free lunch?

All care needed including hospital, emergency, prescription drugs, dental, vision & more.

A Socialist's dream. Free everything.

No copays or deductibles for at least 2 years.

Then what happens after 2 years?

Efficient administration cuts costs 25%

No one says HOW they will cut admin costs by that much, but even if they do, what happens once the admin savings have been overtaken by medical inflation? About 2 years out any admin savings is a wash and you are back to the same issues you have now.

I thought the Massachusetts plan was silly. This puts them to shame.

Late addition . . .

It seems the Gentle Cricket has also been keeping an eye on this legislation. I invite you to read his take on SB 840 here.
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