Saturday, August 05, 2006

Paging Dr. Goofy

The sage green carpet and décor in the lobby are welcoming and restful to the eyes. The woman behind the counter, concierge Arlene Dullaghand, greets visitors with a smile. After acknowledging their arrival, she tells a mother and her children someone will be with them soon to “shepherd them” to the area of service. The children head to the PlayStations in the game room while the woman helps herself to the coffee bar.

“I love everything here,” said Laurie Wheeler, who came with sons Justin, 10, and David, 12. The boys couldn’t wait to play their favorite video game. Wheeler, if she wants, can check her e-mail in the patient library/computer room.

“This is really fancy. They deserve fancy,” Ronda Woods said of the Parkview Medical Group clinic she manages, and of the people who come through its doors at 10515 Illinois Road, just west of Scott Road. Her staff benefit from the lessons she’s learned from people running such places as Disney World, Ritz-Carlton hotels and M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.
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