Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New Criteria

A 79-year-old Norwegian woman says she was denied a driver's license when she couldn't identify the Swedish prime minister or beat her doctor at arm wrestling.

The woman, who later called the doctor "a very unusual man," got her license renewed after appealing to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and seeing another doctor, the newspaper Oppland Arbeiderblad reported.

The second doctor put her through a more conventional check-up of eyesight, blood pressure and some routine questions.

"First he asked me who the prime minister of Denmark was," the woman told Oppland Arbeiderblad about the first doctor. "Then I said that I wasn't interested in politics and I didn't know, so he asked me if I knew who the prime minister of Sweden was, and I gave him the same answer."

The woman said she worries that most of the people who hear her story find it funny because she has heard similar complaints about the doctor.

Come to think of it, I have no idea who the PM of Denmark is either . . . or Sweden.
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