Thursday, August 31, 2006

Network News...

Just got this by email:
PHCS to be sold to MultiPlan
Today, Assurant Health, along with Guardian and Trustmark, the majority owners of Private Health Care Systems (PHCS), announced that we have reached an agreement to sell our interests in PHCS to MultiPlan, Inc.
Assurant Health simultaneously entered into a long-term agreement to enable our customers to continue to have access to PHCS PPO Network providers. That means business will continue normally with no interruption or change for our insureds or agents...
PHCS will be owned and managed by MultiPlan, a leading independent network of heathcare providers. We believe the combined strength of MultiPlan and PHCS will lead to stronger and more diverse networks, which will enhance customer access to providers - and that the agreement is in the best interests of all our stakeholders.
It seems to indicate that folks whose health care plans (and "discount" cards) utilize the PHCS network will have access to more providers. It's also possible [NOTE: rampant, baseless speculation follows] that MP will increase their network access fees (to recoup acquisition costs), which could lead to rate increases.
Frankly, though, I'm not really sure what it means.
Stay tuned.
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