Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Loose Ends...

As in, tying 'em up:
■ First, in What a Tangled Web, we learned that United HealthCare had been a little too vigorous in its compensation to Columbus (OH) insurance agent Kevin Grady. At the time, UHC got a stiff slap on the wrist, and we wondered what might become of Mr G.
Well, now we know. Thanks to alert IB reader Pete D, we learn that:
■ Following up on Part 2 of our Tangled Web series, which again involved those frisky folks at UHC, this time with a fellow named Fritz Neuhart, who allegedly double-dipped his carrier and his clients:
The extra twist here is that the case has widened to include another carrier, Medical Mutual of Ohio. Of course, we're all innocent until proven guilty. We'll continue to monitor both these cases.
■ Finally, in case you've forgotten about our own ground-breaking series on HSA's and network discounts, I received an answer (of sorts) from another carrier yesterday. To their credit, Anthem did get back to me, confirming that it follows industry practice: their network contracts allow providers to determine whether or not to discount non-covered services.
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