Saturday, August 12, 2006

Here We Go Again . . .

Democratic state lawmakers are embracing the one solution to spiraling health care costs that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says he has ruled out: eliminating private insurance plans in favor of a single-payer system that allows the state government to buy health services for everyone

Why is this a solution? No one has EVER proved a single payor system works long run. Savings generated, if any, are only temporary. One year maximum

And the state government can’t buy anyone anything. They don’t have their own money to pay for it.

The measure establishes a system that, in theory, would be funded by payroll taxes on businesses of 8 percent and individual income taxes of 3 percent. Those taxes would replace the premiums that individuals and businesses now pay to insurance companies

See? Taxes replace premiums. Taxes are not government money, just ours sent through a different food chain.

Schwarzenegger has said he will release his proposal for making health care more accessible to Californians in January, if he is re-elected in the November general election. He supports streamlining private insurance coverage through the use of new technology and other approaches that make private insurance coverage more affordable

Streamlining coverage through the use of technology. Sounds like a Star Trek approach. Beam me up Scottie.

Advocates of SB 840 say their plan will save consumers and businesses about $8 billion a year because the government will be able to negotiate lower prices with health care providers

Lower fees to providers mean fewer providers willing to accept the lower fees. Add to that increased demand created by “free” health insurance and the result is more rationing of health care.

Lower fees to providers is a one year fix. After that you are back to the same issues you have now.

"The governor just doesn't get it,"

Neither do you.
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