Monday, August 21, 2006

BS 840

If passed, and signed by the governor, SB840 will provide comprehensive, high quality health insurance for all Californians.

The bill provides nothing. The taxpayers provide the coverage. BS 840 will actually LOWER the standard of care for residents.

Incredibly, nearly 7 million Californians lack health insurance during all or part of the year. Roughly 70 percent of these people are employed but do not receive employer-based insurance.

Apparently there is no expectation of personal responsibilty in California. If your employer, or the taxpayer, does not provide it then you will have to do without.

In California, with the sixth-largest economy in the world, it is past time to offer our citizens what so many other nations offer, universal single payer coverage for all Californians.

If/when BS 840 passes, expect fewer providers to accept the universal insurance. Fewer providers means more rationing and higher prices for those who choose not to use the taxpayer funded plans.
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