Sunday, June 25, 2006

(Really) Strange Insurance News

I've always maintained that one can insure anything, so long as money (the premium) is no object.
Apparently, I have been wrong:
Seems that the sisters purchased insurance against this unlikely event some 6 years ago. The policy, written for 1 million pounds (approximately $1.8 million), was "meant to pay for the cost of bringing up Christ if one of them has a virgin birth." The premiums for this unusual policy were about $180 per year, and was actually donated to charity by the underwriter.
As I have no horse in this race, I suppose that I should have no opinion either way. And, truth be told, I am ambivalent about it:
On the one hand, it seems to me that, if the policyholders were willing to pay the premium, where was the harm?
On the other hand, this seems (in my admittedly uninformed opinion) to be potentially offensive to my Christian friends.
Either way, this is one of the strangest insurance schemes I've ever seen.
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