Friday, June 30, 2006

Premium Increases

It's costing more to get coverage at the doctor's office and you wanted to know why. You asked us to check into the big health care bills and find out why health insurance keeps going up. That's this week's "You're the Boss."

In the past five years, the cost of health care has jumped 79 percent. The cost of both Medicare and Medicaid is going up, plus millions of Americans are uninsured

Note the response here.

The cost of health CARE has jumped 79%.

Not the cost of administering health insurance.

Not the profits of carriers.

But the cost of actually CARING for those with medical needs.

Still, in its last fiscal year, Good Sam picked up a tab of more than $2-million for patients who couldn't pay

That’s a major shortfall. When others don’t pay their fair share the rest of us are stiffed with the tab.
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