Saturday, May 27, 2006

Merry *Olde* England...

As the Sceptre'd Isle’s much vaunted NHS (National Health Service) continues to implode, that country’s seasoned citizens have become the latest victims:
Hundreds of thousands of elderly Britons could face the very real possibility that their (potentially treatable) condition will become even worse, even as the medication that could alleviate their suffering is cut off:
The drugs, which campaigners estimate cost £2.50 [about $5] per day per patient, improve memory and can make daily living tasks easier.
What is that, a mocha latte a day?
On the other hand, last summer the “NICE [National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence] said access should be restricted because they were not good value for money.
The NHS also says that this restriction will apply only to those who are diagnosed after the cut-off date; folks already being treated won’t be cut off.
On the one hand, such treatment is criticized as a bad deal, while on the other hand, folks taking it will keep on doing so.
Curious, no?
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