Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day Money

I'm impressed! Even though it's a holiday (and a long weekend, to boot), the folks at My Open Wallet and Working Solo took the time and effort to put together two great carnivals. Kudos, folks!
I also found it interesting that both of our hosts this week are actually hostesses: one from Sydney (Australia), and the other from Brooklyn.
MOW presents this week's Carnival of Personal Finance. Madame X received 46 entries, all of which she posted, in order of when they were received. I like that: it's an incentive for folks to get their entries in early (which I can tell you from my own experience with the Health Wonk Review surely helps).
As one who is rather particular in the use of words, I found this post, by Pete at My Financial Awareness, to be spot on.
Leah at Working Solo, hosting the Carnival of the Capitalists, clocked in with 42 submissions, which she sorted into relevant categories (although, in a bit of reverse chauvinism, she highlighted female bloggers' posts first).
Will Crawford at Integrative Streams has a cautionary (and frustrating) tale of a lost cell phone, a lost customer service opportunity, and (ultimately) a lost customer.
And don't forget the new Cavalcade of Risk, premiering next week. It's dedicated to the world of, well, risk, and provides a forum for exploring how each of us defines and manages risk: in business, in our finances, and in our lives.
Submissions are due by June 5th, and the C of R will debut on the 7th.
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