Wednesday, April 26, 2006

This Just In . . .

Smoking isn't the problem; lack of health insurance is

Now there is a novel idea if I ever heard one.

Thousands of people are at increased risk for many conditions because they live in poverty, without adequate nutrition, or in an unhealthy environment? What good is a healthy workplace if you can't go home to a healthy household?.

Uh-huh. Sounds just a tad Socialistic, don’t you think?

The state claims to abhor smoking yet continues to generate huge sums of money through cigarette taxes and even plans to raise them?

This money is not being used to provide health care for people who need it? It's truly hypocritical not to.

Why is the Legislature focusing on trying to prevent speculative illnesses instead of helping people who need medical care right now

Use cigarette taxes to provide health care. Makes sense to me. How about extra taxes on double cheeseburgers to pay for health care? Next we can tax Halloween & Valentines candy.

I suggest the legislators get their heads out of their ashtrays and work on:
Passing legislation to ensure all citizens have access to adequate medical care and affordable health insurance.

How about legislated affordable housing, free loans for everyone. While we are at it, I wonder if the legislature could do something about my neighbors alarm that seems to go off in the middle of the night whenever he is out of town.

I propose refusing to obey this law until our legislators demonstrate they really care about our health by passing measures that provide access to health care to all.

Actually Anthony, some states have already told carriers they must accept anyone who applies, regardless of their health history. States like MA, NY, ME, NH & VT have all prohibited carriers from excluding people regardless of health. In doing so, they have also just about tripled the cost of health insurance.

This guy is going to make a great lawyer.
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