Friday, April 14, 2006

Pay Before Pumping

As gas prices continue to rise many of the self serve gas stations (are there any full service stations left?) have instituted a policy of paying before you pump. Makes sense. If you pull into a station with your SUV running on fumes you could easily pump $50 or more into the tank before it tops off. To avoid drive-offs, scofflaws who feel they are entitled to take a 5 finger discount on gas, you now have to pay before the pump is activated.

Seems many docs are doing the same.

Collecting balances due has always been a problem for physicians

So why not do what a growing number of businesses, including every hotel, motel, and country inn on the planet, already do: Ask each patient for a credit card, take an imprint, and bill balances to it as they accrue.

Makes sense to me.
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