Monday, April 24, 2006

Monday Carnivals...

Despite some tech diff's (Blogger apparently suspended his "main" blog) , Clint at Million Dollar Goal is hosting this week's Carnival of Personal Finance.
He's chosen an interesting, if unorthodox, format: instead of listing each blog and its submission, he put posts into categories, sans blog or author. The idea is that, if you find a post's topic intriguing, you'll click thru to see where it is.
Which is what I did. We get a number of entrepreneurs here at IB; this post, at Frugal for Life, is the first in a two-part series on work-at-home scams, and how to avoid them.
And this week's Carnival of the Capitalists is up at the eponymously-named Entrepreneur's blog. Scott, our host, sifted through over 50 submissions, organizing and ranking them according to topic (and his review). Our own Bob Vineyard's post on High Deductible High Jinx was "Best in Category." WooHoo!
In keeping with the self-selected theme of entrepreneurship, take a moment to read Steve Pavlina's post on the 10 Stupid Mistakes Made by the Newly Self-Employed.
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