Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Money Talk(s)...

Are you listening?
The Carnival of Personal Finance is on tour at Be Capitalism (not really sure how that's a verb, but still). As an avid Iron Chef fan, food is always a priority for me. So while you're at the Carnival, be sure to check out Young and Broke's tips on how to save at the grocery.
And be sure to stop by the Patent Barrista's for a fresh cup o' Joe, and this week's Carnival of the Capitalists. But don't stay too long because, as David at 37Signals tells us, Meetings Are Evil.
Hosting for the 3rd time, Dr Kevin brings us this week's Grand Rounds. In keeping with InsureBlog's emphasis on consumer empowerment, be sure to check out Over My Med Body's post on "Googlediagnosing." It's an eye-opener.
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