Thursday, March 10, 2005

Putting the middleman back in?

No kidding.
But this article focuses on an area that, until recently, hasn’t had a lot of media play: personal health care advocates. These folks will help you make sense of the bill you just got from the hospital, or help you determine whether you need a referral for that knee surgery. And the service costs just $400 a year for a family.
I looked through their website, and they seem to offer a great array of these types of benefits. Basically, they become your personal HR department.
I have mixed feeling about this. On the one hand, as a professional agent, I expect that my clients will call me when they have questions on their bills, or an issue about coverage. So on that level, I resent that they’re paying someone else to do my job.
On the other hand, clients who use this service cease being my service problem, and I can devote more time to sales (which is how I earn a living). It’s not that I mind doing the service work – I don’t – but hey, this takes some pressure off of me, and they’re not really my competition.
But there’s a part of me that is concerned that, if and/or when there comes a major claim dispute, or a substantial coverage issue, I’m going to have to become involved anyway, but I’ll have no knowledge or records of what has transpired thus far, thereby severely hampering my ability to help resolve the problem.
I’m going to noodle on this one a while…
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