Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Sometimes, it’s hard to know the right answer…

I’ll share something personal: For several years now, I’ve had a little sticker in a place where I can’t miss seeing it.

Glued to the phone.

It’s a pretty simple little prayer: “May the action that I am about to undertake be worthy of You

So as I said, it’s pretty simple, but sometimes it makes my job rather difficult.

Case in point: This afternoon, I received a call from a young single lady who recently had a child. She is experiencing several post-partum symptoms, most especially of the anxiety variety. Her medication currently runs about $120 per month.

And of course, she is uninsured.

And of further course, she wants to buy insurance so that the medication (and concomitant office visits) will be paid for by a 3rd party. The insurer.

(Perhaps tellingly, she made no mention of needing – or even wanting – coverage for her newborn).

OK, so here’s the dilemna. On the one hand, I have a fiduciary duty to my carriers not to send them “junk” (This is NOT a value judgment of the young lady, but of the case per se). On the other hand, here is someone who understands – perhaps – the value of insurance, and is seeking to purchase it.

On the gripping hand, this is akin to shopping for auto insurance from the cab of the tow truck.

So, what to do?

There was no question that I would at least look to see if she qualified for SOME kind of coverage. Interestingly (surprisingly?), one of my carriers indicated that this would not be an automatic decline, but that there may be some way to write this. Hmmm.

So what’s “the rest of the story?” Don’t know. I did tell the young lady that she MAY be eligible for coverage, and made a guesstimate of what that coverage might cost.

She’ll get back to me.

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