Friday, February 11, 2005

So here’s the thing….

The point is to blog every day. Or, more precisely, to post something of interest every day.

But what if there’s really nothing that fits the bill?

Posting for the sake of posting isn’t blogging: it’s cyber-babbling.

I still have no definitive answer from Carrier S regarding my “problem group.” (“An interesting challenge”)

I have had no luck in re-connecting with the young lady who may or may not be able to obtain health insurance. (“Right answer”)

There is a bit of bright news regarding the ongoing battle between Premier and Anthem: they’ve both agreed to arbitration, and chosen an arbitrator. She is a nationally-recognized authority in these types of cases, so perhaps we’ll see a satisfactory resolution soon.

So, I’ll wish y’all a great weekend, and attempt to have something worthwhile come Monday.
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