Thursday, August 22, 2019

Telemedicine in the News

We last blogged on telemedicine last Fall:

"[U]nlimited same-day/next-day doctor appointments for acute issues at $10 a visit and around-the-clock telemedicine for no out-of-pocket cost."

It was in that post that we first learned the newest buzz-phrase "Virtual Primary Care."

Anyway, fast forward a bit, and now the feature will be a required benefit in health insurance plans marketed here in The Buckeye State:

"Private insurance companies in Ohio are now required to cover doctor visits over the phone or on the computer."

The new reg is touted as a benefit to both consumers (for convenience) and providers (who will now be assured of reimbursement):

"Doctors have been anxious to include telemedicine in their practice but until law guaranteed insurance payments, some were reluctant to purchase equipment and learn how to do it."

Quite so.

Of course, no one's addressing the actual elephant in the room: who pays for this?

If you guessed "I, the policyholder, will be paying for it with increased premiums," please collect your winnings at the ticket window to your left.

[Hat Tp: FoIB Bill M]
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