Friday, August 05, 2016

ObamaCare #Fail?

The headline is inviting:

"ObamaCare Is Failing Exactly The Way Critics Said It Would"

And for those that are focused on the (long since broken) promises of "if you like your plan" and "3000% rate decreases" there's no small measure of satisfaction seeing "Aetna's decision to abandon its ObamaCare expansion plans" and "UnitedHealth Group's decision to leave most ObamaCare markets" and the like.

One of the great lies touted by ObamaCare supporters is that 20 million previously uninsured folks now have coverage. The lie of omission is that it fails to take into account all the folks that have lost (and who are about to lose) their coverage, and those who can't afford to use the coverage they now have.

But I would argue that these are all very tangible ObamaCare successess if one understands that the entire point of the exercise was to usher in Single Payer (ie Government-run) health care. You know, to be run by the same competent, friendly, prompt folks who run the DMV and IRS.

You're welcome.

[Hat Tip: Holly R]
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