Wednesday, July 06, 2016

MidWeek Potpourri

For the most part, "Limited Benefit" (aka MiniMed) plans have been verboten by the ObamaTax. Which is a shame, since they could serve a very vital service, such as Direct Primary Care supplements (among other uses). There may be some good news ahead, though:

"A federal appeals court says the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has no authority under the Affordable Care Act to regulate how consumers use fixed indemnity health insurance"

This would seem to open the door, but I'm not holding my breath just yet. Time will tell whether or not this actually gains traction.

I'm not generally a fan of dental insurance, but dental health is still, well, health, so this item caught my eye:

"[R]esearchers have come up with a new kind of biomaterial that not only encourages the natural regeneration of teeth, but also might eliminate root canal procedures for good."

This may not be great news for dentists who count on root canals as significant portions of income (NTTAWWT), but seems promising for those of us who don't relish the thought of oral surgery.

Hard to believe, but it's been over 8 years since my mother passed away. At the time, I noted with gratitude the ceaseless efforts of hospice angels, er, caregivers. I couldn't imagine how draining - and, ultimately, rewarding - their work is, but (thanks to FoIB Holly R) the New Yorker gives us a glimpse:

"She sees her work as preparing a patient for the voyage he is about to take, and accompanying him partway down the road. She, like most hospice workers, feels that it is a privilege to spend time with the dying"

Angels among us.
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