Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuesday Potpourri

Interesting items for your early week perusal.

Item 1 - Not exactly a surprise:

"[A] survey of 743 personnel executives by the Society of Human Resource Management ... Nearly 14% of firms have cut part-time hours for workers ... and another 6% plan to do so."

But hey, free health care.

Item 2 - And some more good news (for certain values of "good"):

"The death spiral isn’t just a theory. Eight states learned this the hard way in the 1990s when they enacted two policies known as “community rating” and “guaranteed issue ... Obamacare includes both community rating and guaranteed issue"

Three guesses where this is heading (and the first two don't count).

Item 3 - As we head into the tax season home stretch, the IRS has "put out a plea for consumers and their tax preparers to look on HealthCare.gov for advice about exemptions from the [ObamaTax]."

Of course, since they ask for zero documentation, one wonders how many folks will just go ahead and check "yes." Trying to figure out the downside of that.

Happy Tuesday!
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