Thursday, January 02, 2014

But mostly losers...

This morning, Nate posted about "happy ObamaCare enrollee ... Allena Ruszkiewicz," who was able to procure a shiny new plan to cover her GHB the date rape drug narcolepsy med Xylem. While that's good news for Ms Ruszkiewicz, it pales in comparison to what's happened to "Karri Kinder, a mother of two from Auburn, Alabama" whose policy, contra the President's explicit promise, was cancelled, and whose son's ADHD prescription just became prohibitively more expensive:

"His medicine is a life saver for him and helps him function like a normal seven year old, without it he can’t focus, his grades slip and his mind literally goes back to the mind of a three or four year old. When he was first put on his medicine his reading went up 20 points and he went from writing one to two sentences to paragraphs, all in the course of a week. He is a straight A student and very bright, but without the proper medical care that could slip away from him."

And that's just the beginning of her family's nightmare.

I highly recommend clicking through and reading the whole article, but first, put down any sharp objects.
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