Thursday, January 02, 2014

Winners or suckers?

One of the big problems with ObamaCare is that it doesn't really solve any problems as much as it either masks or nationalizes them. A great example out of NY:
"One happy ObamaCare enrollee is Allena Ruszkiewicz, 36, of Jackson Heights, Queens, who had been uninsured since July after quitting her job as a phlebotomist because she suffers from narcolepsy and other ailments.

Without benefits, she couldn’t afford the $5,000-a-month cost of the prescription drug Xylem to prevent daytime sleeping attacks.

Instead, Ruszkiewicz said, she relied on a home remedy of “Red Bull and really strong coffee, which really doesn’t work so well.”

Since signing up for a top-tier ObamaCare “platinum” plan, she’s paid the $462.69 monthly premium, and now feels like “a huge winner.”
The average price of this drug is actually closer to $8,000 a month, it increases around 7 times a year. What is really interesting about this very high cost drug; its a legal version of GHB, the date rape drug. Commonly made around the world in peoples' homes for a hundred dollars for a years worth. Jazz Pharmaceuticals had $0 R&D; they were awarded an exclusive right by our Federal Government to manufacture the otherwise illegal drug, Express Scripts has the exclusive right to distribute it. 

If you can buy the drug on the street for $10 a dose why is it selling for $263 a dose? Has ObamaCare really "solved" her problem or just perpetuated a major flaw? The OOP caps have actually increased the excessive profits companies like Jazz and Express Scripts make: Jazz used to write off  thousands of dollars a month in members' cost share, now (once the member hits the magic $6,350) insurance must pay them 100%.
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